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this is just awesome.

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bad blogger!

So it’s not that I haven’t had anything to smile about for the past 6 weeks or so, it just turns out that I’m not a very diligent blogger. I think I was getting wrapped up in trying to wax philosophical in every post and find some deeper meaning, when sometimes I really only had a few words to say. I needed to remind myself that a) no one actually reads this blog so I have no one to impress, and b) even if they did, this is meant to serve as something I can look back on as a reminder of all the day-to-day things that make my life so great.

Without further ado, a list of as-of-yet undetermined length of things that have made me smile since the last post:

1) HUGE PR’s at the gym. I’m talking HUGE. In fact, the last post I have saved in my drafts from January was all about the CrossFit “girls” benchmark WOD’s and what they are and blahbity blah. I got all wrapped up in trying to define what CrossFit is and the empowerment and all this stuff I read on other people’s fitness blogs and they make it sound so poetic. And it really can be. But I think the reason writing that post derailed me from blogging at all is because I was trying to make it into something it’s just not for me. I’m sure that doing CF has had some mental benefits for me but I just don’t walk around with this feeling of having been all weak before and now that I can throw 105lbs over my head (yeah, i can actually do that. i’m kind of a bad ass) i’m all empowered woman hear me roar. Maybe that’s a testament to how strong I already was before finding this fantastic sport. At any rate, i really do love this stuff. I’m addicted, obsessed, fanatical. I can do chest-to-bar pull ups. I can clean a 95lb bar repeatedly with relative ease. I can swing a 55lb kettlebell and string together 43 consecutive double unders. 8 months in and i am finally starting to shave not just seconds but multiple minutes off my times from previous workouts. It’s exhilarating as hell. One of the owners of the box i go to told me on Friday that i have made more progress than anyone else in the gym. That, my friends, is just the coolest thing ever.

2) This video of a girl hula hooping:
I have now purchased a hula hoop.

3) Pinterest. I am hopelessly addicted. And i get a little too excited when something i pin gets repinned a whole bunch of times.

4) Engagements and Babies. Normally not two things i am overly enthusiastic about, but some friends of ours got engaged recently and they are just perfect for each other. And another friend is expecting a baby girl in May and it’s going to be the cutest little nugget. I attended her baby shower yesterday and bought little Ayla Kay her very first swimsuit courtesy of baby gap.

5) A random getaway. The boyf and i and one of our friends are heading to St. Louis by train next week. I haven’t taken the train anywhere since my 8th grade class trip to Jefferson City and am very excited about the picnic we have planned for the ride (mimosas, wine, cheese, etc). It’s only a quick there and back trip but we’re all really looking forward to it.

6) A trip to Vegas. Per the whole “what happens in vegas…” mantra, i am not at liberty to discuss the details, but suffice it to say it was a fun trip.

I’m sure there’s more, but at the moment i have to go get ready for a fun-filled flat squirrel sunday funday. More later!

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i don’t really make new year’s resolutions, but i was reading a blog a couple days ago and the author posed the following question: “if you had to focus on one word for 2012, what would it be?” it got me thinking and i decided that my word for 2012 is MOVE. i want to move.

move the needle in my crossfit performance.
•  i will conquer ring dips
•  i will get my first HSPU

move my photography skills forward.
•  i will start shooting in manual mode
•  i will finally take a day, maybe a day every month, to drive around the city and hop out of the car whenever i see something that strikes my fancy
•  i will print photos rather than storing them all online

move across the country
•  kauai is the goal

move the crap out of my living room
•  and my garage. and my car. and my life in general. if i had to pick a second word for 2012 it would be SIMPLIFY.

move my life in a new direction
•  i’m not a wake-up-and-proclaim-every-day-to-be-the-best-day-ever kind of gal, but why shouldn’t i be? because those people seem fake? too good to be true? maybe it’s a matter of fake it til you make it. i’d like to try. i want to be one of those people so full of positivity that it radiates and is infectious.

move boundaries
•  my own boundaries. do things i don’t currently do because i’ve told myself i can’t/shouldn’t for widely varying reasons. i don’t consider myself a “living inside the box” person, yet i want to learn piano but haven’t. i want to skype my brother one day and play him a song that i taught myself on the uke, but i haven’t. i want to paint. i want to make things. i want to do all sorts of things that are outside the boundaries of what i think i can do. i will do them this year.

and now i have the “i like to move it move it” song in my head. and that makes me smile 🙂

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so it’s not that i haven’t had anything to smile about the past couple days, i’ve just been slipping out of vacation mode and back into the everyday routine. this is not entirely a bad thing but, truth be told, i’m not exactly overjoyed about it either. some things are going well – my workout schedule has been great and our Paleo meal planning has been simple and delicious. some things not so much – i still haven’t unpacked, our mantle is still fully decked in Christmas decorations, i can’t focus at work and a cold is trying to take over my body. whine whine whimper pout sigh.

it’s feeling like this week is going to have to be a ‘fake it til you make it’ kind of week. there have been some smile-worthy moments that i’d be doing myself a disservice to exclude here. observing the boyf doing his signature monkey movement and accompanying pant-hoot in the middle of a workout; discovering Wilfred – this ridiculous show about a dude who talks to a dog; receiving a training update from Jena who is just super stoked about this whole running thing; using my fancy new food processor for the first time.

even reading that list i’m thinking, wow, that all seems like super trivial stuff. and mostly it is. a big part of me wants to say “i just don’t want to”. don’t want to try at work, don’t want to unpack, don’t want to force a smile when i’m just really not feeling it. another part of me thinks that is completely ridiculous. i don’t feel like being happy? seriously? i may not want to do the other mundane things involved in my everyday routine but i will find a reason to smile, dammit!

stick with me here. i promise the next post will be much more cheerful!

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the boyf has dimples. well, one dimple actually. left cheek. it is completely irresistible. i’ve known him for 5 years and we’ve been dating for almost 3 and when that dimple makes an appearance it still gets me every time. the dimple was out in full force last night and i was drinking it in, taking mental snapshots and storing them away.

he’s not really one for pictures, or at least not smiling in them. he’d prefer not to be in them altogether if i’d allow it. his facebook profile is a picture of his feet. given that, when i’m able to not only get him in a photo but also able to capture that elusive dimple… aaaahhh, it’s perfect.

i’ve got a great one from our vacation where he’s giving me this look that says equal parts “dammit, woman, you better not be taking a picture of me” and a playful “ah, you got me”. i love it. it’s one of those looks that i feel is reserved especially for me. it makes me feel all smiley in a ridiculously saptastic way. i’ll post a photo as soon as i’ve gotten around to telling him about this blog and get his permission to plaster his face all over it.

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i live in the midwest. it is the 6th of january. i am wearing FLIP FLOPS.

gold braided ones that look fantastic against my tan feet. the boyf gave me a look as i fished them out of the suitcase (yes, it’s still sitting in the living room) this morning and slipped them on before walking out the door. i shot him a look back that said something between “is this ok?” and “yeah, i’m wearing flip flops, wanna say something about it?!” and then i smiled. a defiant, ‘whatcha gonna do about it’ kind of smile. you’ll catch onto this soon enough if you decide to follow this blog even semi-regularly so i might as well just be up front about the fact that one of my many personalities is a petulant 6 year old, and she wanted to wear flip flops in january. and then she wanted to stick her tongue out at you and smile a smile that dared you to challenge her…

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i’m an auntie!

it’s official – i have a nephew! his name is Charlie and he is the most perfect boy on the planet. i can’t wait to spoil him rotten. if this picture doesn’t make you smile and give you the warm fuzzies, you aren’t human.

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